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Approved EODP Projects 2017-2018

Wednesday November 29th, 2017

Business Development Stream

Funding summary: This project aims to invest in “Electrodust”, which is the latest technology in modern air filters.Management, Clean All has noted this upsurge in demand as a significant opportunity to enhance the quality of products offered at their business. The company plans to centralize the manufacturing, marketing and sales.
Outcome: This project will allow Clean All to adapt to changing demand and capitalize on an opportunity to diversify their sales mix and strengthen their filter division. The company aspires to be the leading provider of quality filters in the area. Furthermore, this initiative will create 3 full time, sustainable jobs.
Project cost: $ 130,325 / EODP $ 30,000

Humble Beginning Brewing Company

Funding summary: HBBCo. is currently in the second phase of their launch plan. The company is looking to finalize their facility, obtain required government licensing, marketing and hire one additional full time and two part-time staff members. The brewery is primarily focused on creating a strong brand for their product and hope to offer tours with partnering businesses. They will be focusing on selling growlers instead of regular size bottles or cans in order to differentiate their product.
Outcome: The brewery is designed to contribute to the local tourism economy by offering a quality product and facility that will attract transient consumers to SDG. Ideally, HBBCo. will be developing three quality brews that are complimentary to the SDG area. The principal objective of the project is to establish a recognized brand that will be widely accepted by the local market
Project cost: $ 130,000 / EODP $ 25,000

Ard Ri- Eleanor McGraw

Funding summary: The organization will be establishing a “Yurt” (Four season outdoor rental accommodation) that will allow guests to endeavor a unique Canadian farm experience. Activities such as hiking, cross country skiing and touring will be available on site. The funds provided will be primarily associated with marketing and promotional efforts.
Outcome: This unique project will bring awareness of the area through tourism, commercial properties, and strengthen the interest of agriculture and eco-tourism, while supporting the farming heritage. If the establishment continues to grow as planned, the opportunity for job creation is far beyond the two being created in this phased production.
Project cost: $ 226,626 / EODP $ 10,000

Ridgewood Industries
Funding summary: The purchase of two capital expenditures that will allow the company to achieve annual incremental sales gains of $15M, improve labor efficiency, enhance productivity, increase plant capacity, and ultimately deliver superior value to customers. The eligible costs include two double edgebanders (equipment) and their associated installation.
Outcome: By responding to increasing demands from the U.S. market, increasing efficiency, and ultimately lowering costs, Ridgewood will be able to meet its optimal demand and improve profitability, while creating 7 full time jobs.
Project cost: $ 969,000 / EODP $ 84,000

Cooke Scale
Funding summary: Cooke Scales’ are looking to hire two technicians and an administrator to help transition their recent efforts to grow the company. The objective of this project is to allow the owner to move towards more of a managerial role within Evoweigh and transition the day to day responsibilities to the new Technician. The pillars of this project are job creation and their recent growth opportunities made possible by recent partnerships with Active Scale and their sister company, Evoweigh Inc.
Outcome: This project is expected to ease Cook Scales’ upcoming growth transition. The owners have expressed that the jobs being created are sustainable and should lead to more in the future. The expansion of the company’s talent is vital to their ability to grow at a desired rate.
Project cost: $ 138,520 / EODP $ 30,000

Homestead Organics
Funding summary: The purpose of the project is to install a holding tank and vertical structure in Morrisburg to load bulk trucks. The structure will also include load cells to weigh the contents of the tank in order to precisely match the shipment to the customer’s order and to weigh the product when loading the truck. Furthermore, the bulk shipping tank will improve efficiency when moving other bulk items locally. Currently and in a limited capacity, the Company uses a time-consuming process of holding a product in a bulk receiving bin and then moving it to a truck with the pneumatic grain handling system.
Outcome: The successful execution of this project will result in Homestead Organics’ successfully entering foreign markets, resulting in increased sales, margins and international exposure. The project will also result in additional sales for local farmers in the minimum amount of $745,000, with the 2017 soybean crop alone.
Project cost: $ 69,185 / EODP $ 10,000

Upper Canada Creamery
Funding summary: Upper Canada Creamery is investing in state of the art equipment that will allow them to become the first and only organic dairy plant in Ontario to offer more than two classes of dairy licensing (milk, yogurt, cheese). The creamery currently supplies Upper Canada Village and is looking to continue utilizing their strong relationship in order to further promote the areas local heritage and tourism initiatives. Equipment includes, vats, working tables, presses, curd mill, pumps, etc.
Outcome: Funding will result in addition of two full time positions over two years, the expansion of product lines, and enhancement of their quality control. This will lead to an increase of the profile of local organic farming in SD&G and a potential for future job creation.
Project cost: $ 174,705 / EODP $ 20,000

Bourgon Construction
Funding summary: The company will be purchasing the POS 180 Total station from HILTI which will allow it to quickly and accurately perform a wide variety of layout and measuring applications such as laying out 2D and 3D positions on the jobsite; laying out formwork, positions for excavation and fastening points on floors and ceilings; laying out single and dual slopes and laying out and transferring building control lines. Pairing this sophisticated tool with Hilti’s PROFIS Layout Office and professional training, Bourgon Construction can perform layouts faster and more accurately while dramatically reducing layout costs and services which are currently being outsourced.
Outcome: Bourgon Construction will now be able to more efficiently perform various measuring, layout and surveying functions with the help of this equipment. Having an internal employee manage this function will also prove to increase the company’s ability to manage quality control and cut costs, while collectively creating a high-tech job in the Cornwall area.
Project cost: $ 39,956 / EODP $ 8,000

Funding summary: This project is geared towards supporting the costs of the BDC’s Growth Driver Program (3 Year Program). The BDC, hand picks high impact firms across the country, with efforts of advising, consulting and educating executive teams in forms of leadership development coaching, access to strategic management methodology, as well as action plan development and implementation. This guidance and expertise will enhance and further grow one of Cornwall’s most innovative businesses. The specific project that will be aided by the GDP is target towards further expanding into US and international markets and increasing the business’ global reach.
Outcome: This project will allow Morbern to gain access to some of the best executive coaching and mentorship programs available in the country. The company will subsequently continue growing as one of Cornwall’s most powerful and innovative businesses and continue to be a source of high-volume and high-paying employment.
Project cost: $ 200,000 / EODP $ 72,000

Surgeson Electric
Funding summary: The company is looking to implement an ERP system that will allow the integration of the shop floor and the accounting/administrative software which will enable them to increase efficiencies across the company and ultimately, allows them to better understand associated costs and production times. This system also allows the business to implement a rigid quality control protocol and track all testing and workmanship. The funding obtained from the EODP will assist with the purchase and implementation of the ERP system.
Outcome: Implementing the ERP system will allow the business to be more competitive and efficient. The ERP system will serve as the foundation to performing more activities along the value chain “in-house”, such as manufacturing and inspections. This transition will lead to attaining CSA certification for control panel manufacturing, which in turn will increase profitability and the number of jobs the business can create.
Project cost: $ 212,175 / EODP $ 10,000

Funding summary: SigmaPoint recently invested $750K in a new production line with technology that specifically allows them to produce prototypes efficiently and competitively. This capital investment was the first step in being able to offer full prototyping services to their current customer base and eventually gain the ability to extend that to prospective customers. This project is aimed to assist the business’ initiative to increase capacity and support future growth. As part of SigmaPoint’s strategic planning and in order to participate within the innovation clusters that are driving their technology industry forward, the management team views this prototyping project as the entrance to this opportunity. The project will feature 5 critical success drivers; the hiring of 9 specialized employees, the implementation of new technologies, IT advancements (ERP), skill development of current employees, and marketing a rebranding initiative. The CFDC would be assisting with labour costs associated with new hires.
Outcome: SigmaPoint is striving to become a $150M company within the next 3 years. This project the first step to this growth plan that could lead to a multitude of jobs being created in the near future. The prototyping project will enable the business’ growth, ultimately allowing significant economic impact in areas such as innovation, job creation and global competition.
Project cost: $ 596,456 / EODP $ 65,000

Community Innovation Stream

Launch Lab
Funding summary: Their objective is to support entrepreneurs and their companies in partnerships with the Cornwall & the Counties CFDC and the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. Their target is to be onsite two days per month with one EIR to serve existing clients and attract new clients. The costs related to the project include travel expenses and consultant fees. Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based startups and growing companies. They provide a wide variety of services, such as one-on-one coaching and mentoring, market intelligence reports, workshops and education, etc.
Outcome: Provide coaching and mentoring to a wide variety of clients. Track and report job creation/retention, investment and customer traction. Collaborate and build referral relationships with funding partners in the area.
Project cost: $ 100,000 / EODP $ 20,000

Akwesasne Area Management

Funding summary: In 2015/16 the organization conducted a labour market study that reached 454 participants. The results from the study are integral to their planning of programs and services. They are hoping that with the help of EODP funding, they will be able to refresh this study and reach 700 participants
Outcome: The organization plans on hiring 3 new employees that will work on the study. This study will act as a baseline for the planning of strategic initiatives, programs and the services offered by the Akwesasne Area Management Board. To sustain this project, the organization will be setting a separate budget item in their upcoming funding application.
Project cost: $ 75,000 / EODP $ 30,000

All Things Food
Funding summary: This project aims to establish the “Food and Agriculture Advisory Council” to more collaboratively and effectively address the pressing issues and opportunities if the SDG and Cornwall food and agriculture economy. The Advisory Council will stand as an extension of All Things Food, in partnership with the SDG Counties, Economic Development (City of Cornwall), the Eastern Ontario Training Board, St. Lawrence College, and other key agriculturally focused individuals and associations.
Outcome: The proposed SDG and Cornwall Food and Agriculture Board will allow food system stakeholders to better understand the issues and future of the industry in our rural areas, specifically addressing pressing value chain issues. This project will lend itself to the small scale producers and farmers alike in order to develop strategies to reduce food waste, increase local food purchase and procurement and regional branding and marketing.
Project cost: $ 90,075 / EODP $ 16,000

Habitat for Humanity
Funding summary: The organization is relocating their “ReStore” within the City of Cornwall in order to attract a greater client base. They will also be extending store hours and upstaffing. Enhancing visibility, accessibility and extending services to a larger population are the primary pillars of this project.
Outcome: This project will allow the organization to expand their services and increase revenue from the Restore, thus providing additional services to the community through their Home Build Program. They also hope to continue to create meaningful employment for community members.
Project cost: $ 170,000 / EODP $ 20,000

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